This week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Trenchard Aviation Group is launching its new series of ServestowTM Life Vest Pouches.

With its unique closure system and integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) security seal, ServestowTM LVS100 represents the very latest stage in more than 10 years of continuous Life Vest Pouch evolution. Whilst earlier versions featured tamper-evident seals to secure the pouches and achieved savings of several inspection man-hours per aircraft, the LVS100 will increase that time- saving considerably.

Using a handheld meter, linked to a central database, it will take literally minutes to inspect an entire aircraft. In addition, any updates can be collated in real-time and reports distributed globally.

Mike Mullenger, Technical Sales Manager, commented: “The ability to verify the status of the pouch seals by simply walking through an aircraft with a hand-held reader will deliver dramatic operational cost savings for any airline. And once they have created their database, those airline customers will see that benefit multiply year-on-year across their fleet.”

ServestowTM Life Vest Pouches are manufactured by Servecorp, one of the four complementary businesses that make up Trenchard Aviation Group. To date, more than one million ServestowTM pouches have been supplied to aircraft seat OEMs and airlines worldwide and in 2017, Servecorp received two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, one for Innovation and one for International Trade.