Life Vest Pouches

The Group’s safety and security products, fully compliant with key industry standards, have evolved over several years to deliver the very best results. This ongoing development has enabled the integration of unique and patented designs with the latest technology.

SERVESTOW™ Ultra Lightweight Secure Life Vest Stowage

  • Strong ultra-lightweight materials offering added protection as well as increased fuel economy
  • New installations and retrofit projects (16g certified)
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformity or EASA Form 1 Release
  • Acknowledged by the US TSA
  • Typically 5-6 man hours saved per aircraft for search operations (based on A330)
  • No tools needed for installation of standard models
  • More efficient maintenance, data collection and RFID Solutions
  • Over 1 million supplied

STOWLOK™ Tamper-Evident Security Seals

All seals offer simple attachment methods and clear evidence of tampering. Stowlok™ provides a versatile and unique security sealing solution incorporating options for self-adhesive tamper-evident seals or RFID labels.

  • Self-adhesive, tamper-evident
  • Reveals a security message when tampered or removed
  • Minimal residue
  • Standard colours: black, light blue and light red
  • Customised artwork designs available to suit specific applications
  • Assists aircraft search operations
  • Reduces search and turnaround times


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